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Inside Track: Graham Hendry

Graham Hendry, VP of loudspeaker strategy at AtlasIED talks business and pleasure and company plans for 2023

Tell me about your background?
I’ve been in the audio industry for over 30 years at companies like Tannoy and TC group in Europe, TC group Americas and Renkus-Heinz in the US. I joined AtlasIED from Renkus-Heinz where I was VP of strategic development, leading the roadmap, product management as well as aiding both overseas and domestic sales. Early in my career as an engineering technician at Tannoy, I realised that discussing the nuances of silver directional cables wasn’t my thing, and quickly gravitated to the commercial audio side of the business and later became engineering director, and onto business development and product management roles. In the mid-90s, Tannoy invested to offer premium solutions with CMS ceiling speakers and various unique Point Source products. The merger with TCgroup in 2002 then incorporated TC Electronic and Lab Gruppen, which allowed our respective engineering and product management departments to collaborate and forge ahead with innovative amplified solutions for loudspeakers and offer groundbreaking technologies like Digital Beamsteering. It’s been quite a journey and I’m thrilled now to be at AtlasIED.    

You joined AtlasIED just a few months ago. What attracted you to the company?
I’ve known AtlasIED and many of the people for a long time, so there was some familiarity. Matt Czyzewski joined the company as executive VP in 2020. We worked together previously and have known each other for many years. I have a huge amount of respect for his professional achievements. 

I don’t know of any other manufacturer in our industry who is so invested in homegrown manufacturing and talent as AtlasIED has. With facilities and expertise in Texas, Arizona, Kentucky, Utah, Indiana, and Illinois, as well as six international locations, it’s a real powerhouse. I admire John Ivey’s burning ambition to provide the best solutions across many verticals, investing in people and technology.

Despite my main remit, being involved in loudspeakers, the main attraction is having the ability to be involved in all facets of the audio ecosystem. I was especially impressed when AtlasIED opened facilities in Elkhart, Indiana, and Salt Lake City, Utah, investing heavily in a group of extremely talented people in the field of amplification and DSP, while the ‘brain-drain’ continues overseas.

VP of loudspeaker strategy was created for you. Tell us what the position will entail and why you think you’re a good fit.

My responsibility will be to lead the direction of the loudspeaker roadmap, while identifying and proposing new business opportunities in new and existing markets. I’ll be responsible for developing the loudspeaker strategy for AtlasIED while working with product management, sales, engineering, and marketing to develop and execute market, technical and sales plans for the products. I very much enjoy being the conduit between each of the above disciplines, culminating in great solutions and satisfied customers. 

What has surprised you the most about AtlasIED thus far during your time with the company?
The available resources. Having visited the main manufacturing plants in Texas and Arizona, it was great to see so the R&D and quality tools; test labs, Klippel analyzers, audio precision, COMSOL, as well as diverse manufacturing; SMT assembly, robotics, injection moulding, metal stamping, powder coating, laser etching, to name a few. 

What have been the standout moments since you started?
Discovering the various facilities and learning the respective capabilities, as well as connecting with new colleagues.  

AtlasIED offers a wide range of loudspeaker solutions to meet various vertical market needs. Are there any particular areas you look forward to helping expand?

AtlasIED does indeed offer wide and varied loudspeaker solutions, with particular strengths in commercial, life safety, transportation, sound masking, and education, some very unique and extremely successful. Most of my experience is in premium engineered solutions and technology. Given the available resources and expertise available at AtlasIED, it’s a given that we plan to expand more into these areas.

Do you have any favourite hobbies?
For those who know me it’s no secret that I am a social animal, so good food and wine plays a significant role in my life. I enjoy cooking and entertaining friends, many of whom in our industry have become lifelong friends, both home and abroad; customers, colleagues, consultants, distributors, and integrators alike. Golf is a passion, and having more than 300 days of sun a year in Texas affords the ability to play all year round. My comrades back home in the UK might take a swipe, but I’ve gotten into football. Yes, American football. It only took me about eight years to ‘get-it’. Last but not least, quality sound plays a significant part in leisure as well as work, whether it’s concerts or recorded. There is an endless schedule of musical performances to choose from near my home in Texas. 

Any exciting developments coming up in 2023 for AtlasIED that you can discuss?
Given the recent investments in people and facilities it would be fair to say there is a lot of cooking in the AtlasIED kitchen. Bolstering the already strong traditional markets continues with the likes of IPX endpoints. However, 2023 will see a move into new areas, serving new and existing market verticals with premium solutions throughout the entire audio chain. Expect to see some significant product launches in 2023 and beyond.