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Greg Jeffreys sets up GJC as independent consulting practice

Move separates his consulting practice from the core manufacturing and distribution business, Visual Displays Ltd

Well known within the global AV industry over a number of years, Greg Jeffreys has announced the decision to separate his consulting practice from the core manufacturing and distribution business, Visual Displays Ltd (VDL).

Greg Jeffreys Consulting Ltd (GJC) will now function as a stand-alone business, while VDL will continue to specialise in high specification displays. Jeffreys plans to build upon a career that has seen him fulfil a number of volunteer leadership roles within the world of AV, rising to become the first non-American president of AVIXA (known then as InfoComm). Having either led or co-written various AVIXA displays-related standards, Jeffreys is coming to the end of three years’ leadership of the Association’s standards body. 

GJC will separate these consulting specialisms away from his other interests, and at the same time meet the increasing post-pandemic demand for consultancy in the design and configuration of hybrid meeting and teaching spaces. Jeffreys will lead a team of associates – specialists in a comprehensive spread of technology-enhanced workspace disciplines — now known generically as the Teams Room market. 

 “I’m excited to be continuing my consultancy assignments in this new way,” said Jeffreys. “There has been an ‘all roads lead to Rome’ feeling about the direction of travel with the issues that users and clients currently want to discuss. Covid accelerated the move to hybrid working and teaching with eye-popping velocity, forcing rushed specification decisions and overspending on underperforming workspaces.

“The fact this market is known as Teams Rooms speaks to Microsoft’s dominance in this sector, and their unique leadership role in space design and configuration. I’m working with trusted, long-term colleagues in this rapidly developing area of focus. It’s a happy thing for me that it aligns so perfectly with all these years of standards, academic and technical experience.”

Jeffreys concluded that room design and configuration can ruin the impact of the most expensive hardware, creating a “void” in the traditional eco-system of end user, AV consultants and integrators. “Feedback from the AV User Group, the associated Consultant Group and LTSMG (the Higher Education tech managers’ group) all report a heritage of problems created by the pandemic-driven necessity … creating hybrid spaces with haste but without standards,” he said.