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Barix appoints new sales/marketing VP

Organised in conjunction with Apple and PMC, the seminars will feature short presentations from all three companies, along with a talk from a guest recording professional, who will also be available to answer audience questions.

Seminar speakers will include Prism Sound’s sales and applications engineer, Simon Woollard, and Hathor Audio’s John Goldstraw, with the latter set to discuss monitoring issues, speaker positioning, acoustics and the importance of deploying high-resolution monitoring systems throughout the recording process.

As part of the tour, Prism Sound is hoping to present a demo set-up featuring its Orpheus recording interface (pictured) and PMC monitors. PMC, meanwhile, has revealed that it will showcase the IB2S passive monitor powered by Bryston 4B STT amplifiers, as well as the active compact DB1S-A monitor, in order to “demonstrate a broad spectrum of monitoring configurations”.

Full details on specific locations and times can be found at the Prism Sound website (link below).