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New floor plan planned for ISE 2021 to aid navigation and boost exhibitor exposure

New floor plan will help visitors get what they need from the show, whilst exhibitors are exposed to their desired audience

ISE has confirmed that its working on creating a brand new floorpan for when the annual trade show leaves to its bigger home in Barcelona in 2021

Blackman acknowledges the challenges faced by many people visiting the RAI in finding exhibitors offering products and services most relevant to them, due to a more forced scattered and inconsistent approach currently in place. This, he explained is of no benefit to exhibitors and visitors alike – with the latter often not in attendance for the four day duration.

With a fresh approach, and more space available, Blackman and his team are looking to resolve such issues, allowing certain spaces within halls to be more industry/sector specific.

“When we started ISE it was a a small event, just 2,800 square metres. we’re now at 55,000 square metres and it takes more than the whole time that we are open to be able to see the whole show.

“We realise our attendees don’ always have four days to see the show, as much as we’d like them to be. We want to provide a show where our attendees can plan their visits more effectively and if they don’t have four days, it means they can focus on the areas of the exhibition which are most important to them. So, in short, we will be rejigging the floor plan, we will make it more advantageous for exhibitors and attendees.”