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NEC celebrates “fantastic” Showcase LIVE 2018 success

Brand new format a hit with visitors, with more immersive approach, allowing people to experience its technology in a way that reflects their own daily lives and encounters

NEC Display Solutions’ annual NEC Showcase event in London has been hailed as a resounding success by the firms partners and attendees – thanks in part to a brand new format, which allowed visitors to experience technology in environments they are intended. 

Now in its 10th-year, the Holborn event is designed to showcase its latest portfolio of products and services to the AV market.

This year, rather than create a traditional scattered exhibition layout approach, NEC placed a greater focus to experiential themes which took visitors on a digital journey through a typical London day. This included ordering food at McDonalds and even standing on a London Underground station. 

This more immersive approach was borne out as end user attendance increased to close to 50 per cent, compared to channel. ver 15 per cent of all visitors attended from outside of the UK as Showcase continues to attract a wider out-reach across Europe and beyond.

‘The visualisation of technology in action greatly appeals to end users looking for inspiration to recreate solutions within their own environment,’ NEC Display Solutions said in a statement. 

‘Unanimously, the positive feedback regarding NEC’s creative delivery was astonishing as attendees enjoyed experiencing the exciting ‘story’ of their day. Visitors were taken on a journey through a typical London day – travelling by tube, grabing a coffee on the way to their first meeting then strolling along the high street for lunch.’

The visual experience was widely shared over social networks with #NECShowcase seeing extraordinary twitter traffic reaching close to six million impressions, according to courtesy of the Dailydooh.

NEC’s display technologies, including LCD large format and desktop displays, projection and dvLED digital surfaces, shaped visitors’ visual engagement with capabilities perfectly suited to support a wide range of applications, as demonstrated along the Showcase journey which addressed transport, retail, DooH, QSR, corporate, education, leisure and command and control.

NEC worked with 42 partner companies who were universally committed to the valuable part they played in creating the Showcase experience. 

‘The Showcase is an excellent forum to draw the industry together through collaboration,’ said Steve Pryor, director of Oblong. ‘‘We’re showing our Mezzanine solution integrating with the NEC InfinityBoard – by connecting technologies and presenting them in a real-world simulation, Showcase becomes a highly impactful and innovative environment. Partnering with NEC is a very cost-effective way to show our product, the set is built ready for us to simply turn up and add our technology. The quality and quantity of visitor through-put has been outstanding.’

Mark Taylor, solutions sales manager and technical orchestrator of Showcase added: “We are overwhelmed by the hugely positive response to our fresh new Showcase concept this year. The holographic telepresence solution from our partner Musion proved a particular talking point as visitors received a personal welcome as they entered the venue! Live interactions were central to our theme running throughout Showcase.”

Other highlights included a highly relevant conference programme with AV User Group Chairman Owen Ellis leading a panel discussion regarding the challenges of adopting new technologies.

For more highlights from NEC Showcase LIVE 2018:

  • Visit NEC’s  dedicated microsite which will shortly offer videos and images from the show.