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ZyPer4K zips in with cost savings

ZeeVee called a press conference yesterday to launch the new ZyPer4K switcher, which sees the company move from delivering easy to manage video distribution over coax to an even easier to deploy and more cost-effective system that uses standard 10Gbps Ethernet switches.

“It means a significant cost saving, rapid deployment and zero programming – basically allowing the end customer to use the network platform they already have. We’re hardware agnostic,” said Danny Barr, VP new product business development. ZyPer4K also provides seamless switching and videowall capabilities.

“We have a lot of scalability and flexibility within the architecture, which can take in any 4K/Ultra HD 30Hz source, convert it, uncompressed, into 10Gbps signals over fibre, and use a standard switch to send it where you want to.” ZeeVee is looking at adding 60Hz UHD in future, but that would require compression.

It is “focused on giving installers a way to deploy systems faster and avoid the limitations common to fixed chassis sizes,” said ZeeVee’s CEO, Bob Michaels. “Since the inception of video matrix switching, customers have been forced into seeking extensive certifications to deploy costly, proprietary switchers with limited interoperability. ZyPer4K reinvents signal distribution.”