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Z-Wave toolkit improves network installation

Integrators were excited to see the new Z-Wave Certified Installer Toolkit (CIT) at ISE, after it started shipping in September last year. According to Mitchell Klein (pictured), executive director of Z-Wave Alliance, feedback was amazing, and the organisation talked to existing and potential members about how the toolkit can help them provide a more professional service.

Installation and testing of a Z-Wave smart home mesh network has been made easier for the pro installer community, who are now able to check deployments immediately to confirm devices have suitable connections, and also for troubleshooting.

The toolkit is there to provide diagnostic support and troubleshooting. However, Klein noted: “If you only look at the toolkit for diagnostics and troubleshooting, you’re not using it properly. It’s to check the install straight after deployment. Z-Wave is self-healing – everything has multiple pathways to connect, so if a line goes down, the network simply fixes itself by rerouting along another path. If you run the toolkit after installation, you can see if any particular point on the network only has a single pathway, which would prevent this self-healing, and add more. It’s about avoiding truck rolls.”