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XPO Screens showcases mirror media

If you think about it, the ultimate touchpoint is the mirror. They all get our attention and there is even research that some of us look in the mirror an average 38 times a day. It stands to reason then that the mirror is an ideal way to convey information to the visitor. This can be advertising, but also any relevant content that fits the moment of contact.

For example, XPO Screens has developed a custom digital mirror for retail specialist 2theloo. Its ‘SmartSensor’ is invisibly located behind the mirror so that when a visitor walks to the sink, to wash his or her hands, the content will be downsized to the corner. When the sensor doesn’t detect any movement, the screen will show full 32in screen content.

In collaboration with Altermedia, a Dutch operator of washroom advertising, it developed the 21in Invite Display for digital signage in washroom areas. Devised as ‘public proof’, it’s enabled with NFC, offers full HD and fanless operation and features integrated mounting. It also gives Altermedia the ability to change content remotely.

Stand: 8-G360