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Xilica launches versatile network processor

High-fidelity audio digital signal processing vendor Xilica is introducing a new network processor at ISE 2018.
The Solaro QR (Quarter Rack) is a compact, powerful, drag-and-drop configured network processor, says the company.

Like all Xilica’s future processors, it is built on a new Linux platform, and uses a dual core processor and the company’s new DSP card. The modular design makes it highly configurable. Eight rear cards slots accept Xilica two-channel analogue and AES audio I/O cards for a total of 16 audio channels and Xilica four-channel logic/control cards for a total of 32 logic/control channels. I/O flexibility is maximised by the ability to place any card type, in any combination, in any card slot.

For added I/O flexibility a built-in 4×4 Dante network audio card is included and an AEC model with VOIP audio interface is optional.

Xilica also has a prototype of its new Solaro FR DSP model on display at ISE 2018. The Solaro FR is a full-size, 19in/1RU chassis version which expands on many of the QR’s design goals. These include an expanded modular I/O design with six eight-channel and 16-channel rear card slots, selectable 48/96/192kHz sampling rates, and an optional 64×64 Dante network audio card.

Stand: 7-M220