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Wrapped in a bubble of sound

The L-Acoustics stand at ISE offers visitors a welcome respite off their feet and the chance to experience the company’s L-ISA Private sound system.

L‑ISA Private combines UHD music, an immersive 24-channel audio platform and professional-grade loudspeakers, proprietary processing hardware and software-based audio tools.

All L‑ISA Private solutions offer 18 main channels, a bass channel and up to five overhead channels; only the type and number of speakers vary according to the size of the installation.

Speaking to the ISE Daily, Sherif el Barbari, head of application for L-ISA commented: “This is a highly professional show, so we wanted to bring in something really special in its production and conception, but that is also great fun to enjoy at home.

“If you want to experience a live concert without being among thousands of people, then this is the place for you to be.”

The L‑ISA Private sound systems can play streaming services, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and gaming consoles – but to make the most of the system, the company has developed Bubbles, a high-definition music medium that looks, unsurprisingly, like a bubble.

“As opposed to L‑ISA Live, where we bring a perfect listening experience to everyone in the audience, this actually focuses the experience in this beautiful space where you can just zoom out of the world around you,” said el Barbari.

“You’re not going to be bothering people even if you’re listening at high levels here. The sound is so focused inside the area that outside, your partner’s not going to scream at you to turn it down.”