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A world of multitouch apps from UNEDGED

Newly unveiled by UNEDGED, Version 1.9 of the ARENA Multitouch Platform has been designed to allow users to create a world of multitouch apps. The ARENA Multitouch Platform is an extensible software platform with central content management, Cloud, licence management and monitoring tools.

Additional features of this new release include the integration of HTML content into the catalogue app, creating experiences that fit any project requirement.

Statistical information is generated from interactions, allowing user to know which spaces, apps or collections attracted more users or to check stats online and export them. Improved logging gives the option to aggregate and analyse event information from all locations online.

Version 1.9 also offers extended screen support, meaning ARENA can be used with multiple screens, which facilitates the building of videowalls. Configuration management has been improved and users can check where configurations are being used and reactivate or share them easily. Available viewing modes can be managed for collections displayed in catalogue and media apps.

Version 1.9 delivers browser app with an updated engine, while an improved back-office interface makes it easier to customise.

Stand: 8-D195