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Working models show real projects

Turkish company LEDECA is co-exhibiting this year with partners Easescreen and Syscomtec.

Producing complete digital display solutions for customers all over the world, the company designs and provides turnkey projects with all necessary supplementary products.

This includes frame design for any kind of metal construction and adaptation, as well as hardware, software, substructure and services.

Ledeca’s stand this year features full working models to scale, featuring a sports stadium, bus shelter, car show room and street scene – all of which are based on real applications, produced and realised in recent projects.

The models demonstrate the variety of options available including non-standard curved, spherical or any other custom shaped framework, LED screens, content management software, monitoring services and supplementary products.

Orhan Kaplan, general managing director of Ledeca told the ISE Daily: “The fact that we’re selling the final product makes us different from the rest.Some sell just LED screens, some just framework.

Here, we provide everything, for which we need reliable software. That’s one of the reasons we have partnered with Easescreen and Syscomtec – it makes us a total solution for the complete solution.”

Ledeca’s products are currently used in OOH advertising, retail, digital city furniture, traffic, sport and broadcast markets.

They supply standard off-the-shelf products that are optimised for these markets, but are also able to create custom design products for specific purposes or projects.