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Wired and wireless switching from Atlona

The AT-UHD-SW-510W, the latest member of Atlona’s five-input SW Series of 4K/UHD integration solutions for AV signal switching and extension, is being introduced at ISE 2017.

The SW-510W is the first product of its kind to integrate switching for both wired and wireless AV sources, as well as the first AV switcher to include a USB-C input alongside HDMI and DisplayPort, claims Atlona. The main benefit is a single, compact solution for universal BYOD compatibility, together with value-added features including automatic display control, automatic input selection, and mirrored HDMI and HDBaseT outputs.

The SW-510W simplifies AV system design, integration, and operation by combining traditional wired plus wireless AV connectivity in a single box. It features built-in WiFi capability and native wireless interfacing with iOS, Android, Mac, Chromebook and Windows devices. Screen mirroring is natively supported without the need to install an app. The SW-510W can serve as an integrated, dual band access point, or be networked into an existing WiFi installation.

This switcher provides local source connectivity via HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C inputs. The SW-510W is among the first AV products to incorporate USB-C support for newer PCs and mobile devices. The USB-C interface can also act as a charging station for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Also exclusive to the SW-510W is the ability to automatically switch between sources, based on connection or disconnection of a wired or wireless AV device from the switcher.

Stand: 5-S92