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Wide array of speakers

Three installation products are being exhibited by TW Audio: the Vera20i vertical array for installations, the T30i wideband installation loudspeaker, and the T20i point source loudspeaker.

The Vera20i is a 2 x 10in LF/1.4in HF vertical array, designed for installations in aesthetic conscious markets where sightlines and an unobtrusive look are required. It measures just over 60cm wide and 28cm high per module. Compared to standard 8in driver arrays.

The two 10in driver of the Vera20i are able to reproduce up to 6dB more low frequency output, with lower distortion.

The T30i is a dual 14in LF/1.4in HF wideband installation speaker. It offers full-range operation from 34Hz to 20kHz in a single enclosure. It is capable of delivering 139dB.

Finally, the T20i is 2 x 10in LF/1.4in HF, and is specifically designed for the performance installation market.

Stand: 14-D150