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What will the student of the future need from higher education and are we ready?

Although students hurried back to campus to receive in-person learning once COVID-19 regulations were relieved, studying online was a welcome progression for many others to work at times that better suited them. Maybe in the coming years, it won’t be necessary for all students to trek to campus. When it comes to successful learning, it’s important to create experiences that are motivating and engaging, after all. And without taking these aspects into plans of approach, we could be hindering future student success.

Today at 13:00 at AVIXA Xchange Live (booth 3Q400), a panel of experts will discuss what the needs of the future student might look like and how universities can adapt to changing times. To uncover the steps universities must put in place to positively impact the learning experience of the future student, attend this session, and share your viewpoint. Gill Ferrell of EUNIS/1EdTech Europe will be moderating the scheduled session, which will feature Angeliki Agorogianni, vice technical manager for services at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Maria Uglvig, associate product manager of FeedbackFruits; and Robin Stockert, assistant professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. They’ll discuss: 

  • How do we get the balance between investment and ROI right?
  • Do we have the proper infrastructure to deliver for students?
  • The pandemic has taught us that the future is unpredictable. Are we prepared for multiple futures?
  • How can we improve the higher education learning experience through AV & IT?

AVIXA Xchange Live is the home for inspiring discussions and AV community meetups at booth 3Q400 at ISE 2023. View the full Xchange Live schedule