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Mass Fidelity makes ISE debut with WFS wireless speakers

Canadian technology start-up Mass Fidelity makes its debut at ISE with its Core compact wireless speaker system and the S250 Relay Bluetooth digital-to-analogue converter, which allows any existing hi-fi to become a wireless system (and also works with existing DACs).

The company undertook a highly successful Indiegogo campaign that generated more than $1.1 million in sales to 99 countries, and has continued to win pre-orders for the products.

The Core is claimed to offer “better than stereo” sound that moves beyond the idea of having just one sweet spot, thanks to Wave Field Synthesis. It boasts portability, multi-room functionality, crystal-clear audio and the ability for integration with many of the leading control systems such as Control 4 via a port on the rear of the unit.

Users can stream to the Core from a phone or tablet or via digital or analogue sources using a wired connection, and can connect up to eight units to create a multi-room system without wiring or additional WiFi equipment. It also features: custom-designed acoustics; and six digital signal processors. The single box unit will ship after ISE 2015.

Stand: 10-N131