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Watchout 6 puts pre-viz on the map

Advanced projection mapping, pre-visualisation, uncompressed multiple-source video playback and new 3D media and modelling features are among the major new additions in the latest version of Dataton’s Watchout multi-display software.

Watchout version 6 also has a radically revamped user interface, and represents “the most significant upgrade in the 15-year history of the software,” said Mike Fahl, Dataton’s chief software architect. “It’s bursting at the seams with powerful new features for show creators and offers the same rock-solid performance that users have come to expect from Watchout.”

Scheduled for release this Spring, v6 offers new creative tools and smoother workflow for 3D projection and complicated mapping.

The new 3D Projector feature simplifies the accurate programming and line-up of complex 3D geometry projections. Now, any number of virtual projectors can be placed around a 3D object on screen, then re-positioned and corrected to create the perfect projection setup. There is also new marker-based calibration to match the on-screen setup with a real-world object. Watchout calculates all parameters automatically, aligning the virtual 3D

Projector to the exact location for total control over the final projection.