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In-wall speaker pioneers return

The team that invented the in-wall speaker has reunited to form a new company and intends to change the architectural speaker market. Jeremy Burkhardt and his two previous partners at SpeakerCraft, Ed Hasse and Ken Humphreys, have reunited to form Origin Acoustics, which is making its ISE debut this year and launching several collections of loudspeakers.

The 10 models that comprise the Composer collection of in-wall loudspeakers feature a new SpringLock mechanism that requires no tools, as the dogs are spring loaded and snap into place with a twist of a thumbnail. The precise amount of needed torque is placed on the drywall, avoiding any warping of the baffle or damage to the wall itself while securing the speaker and maintaining the seal between the exterior and interior air spaces.

A new surround technology is employed on all the woofers in the collection. The X-Wave butyl rubber surround is actively involved in absorbing 700-1,400Hz resonances that run up and down the woofer cone causing unwanted distortion.

The surround is also part of a progressive suspension system that becomes more rigid as the driver approaches its furthest excursion point. Origin says this results in greater control of the cone and less distortion at maximum volume levels.

The Dual Plane Stabilized Diaphragm (DPSD) tweeter is suspended at both the outside edge as well as at the peak of the dome. This improves linearity and power handling along with lower frequency extension.

Origin claims this allows the tweeter to crossover much lower to the woofer section, resulting in a major improvement in overall dispersion of the system. The team also changed the aspect ratio of the baffle to closely mirror the Golden Mean. As a result, the longer and thinner profile is much more aesthetically pleasing in the home, says the company.