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VR at ISE will be a real attraction

An advanced demonstration of three-way virtual collaboration and an immersive, interactive underwater ride can be experienced at VR at ISE. This exciting new feature for ISE 2020 is located in Hall 14.

To show how virtual reality can be used in immersive, collaborative spaces, two Digital Projection Multiview VR systems will be demonstrated to ISE attendees. Multiview allows up to three people wearing fast-switching glasses to view and interact with a stereoscopic 3D virtual model. Crucially, each person sees the object from their own viewpoint – unlike conventional multi-user VR systems where everyone sees exactly the same perspective. This provides a significant degree of realism, as all users see the model behaving just as a real object would do as they walk around it. It also means that they are not cut off from each other, as they would be if they wore head-mounted devices. 

Each Multiview system is based around the INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 projector, which delivers a massive 360 frames per second at native 4K resolution – enough for it to be able to send a different stereoscopic 3D image to each user simultaneously.

One Multiview will enable ISE attendees to walk around a virtual object, move it around, and remove and replace component parts. The other system will feature content that one might encounter in a visitor attraction. 

Additionally, the VR at ISE feature will include an immersive VR theme park ride entitled Aqua. Designed and run by Lightspeed Design, this DepthQ VR attraction will take attendees on an interactive underwater fantasy ride where they encounter touchable jellyfish, a dolphin, and even the mythological world of the god Poseidon.

The rider will sit in a Jaymar seat fitted with a D-Box motion base that works with three degrees of freedom. The DepthQ technology allows a game engine to tightly sync movement to picture in real time, and the rider can touch virtual objects naturally thanks to mid-air gesture technology. The VR mapped content will be projected onto a curved Vioso Panadome screen by Digital Projection hardware, so the rider will not need to wear a headset. Additional spectators, also on motion seats, can watch with head-mounted devices. 

VR at ISE will take place throughout ISE on Stand 14-B100 in Hall 14.