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Vocal projection with Alexa from Acer

The new Acer V6820i 4K UHD projector is among the first of its kind to support Amazon Alexa. Users are able to control the projector with voice commands such as “Alexa, turn on the projector,” “Alexa, select HDMI as the projector source,” or “Alexa, change projector display mode to bright.”

The company’s Air Monitor already works with Amazon Alexa.

The V6820i offers 120in 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) resolution display, is compatible with HDR and Rec. 2020 signals, and supports the Rec. 709 standard for cinema-like colour accuracy. It also supports HDMI 3D for 3D home cinema experiences. The projector’s AcuMotion frame interpolation system ensures visuals are ultra-smooth even in fast-moving scenes, claims Acer. It calculates and generates intermediate frames, inserting them into existing ones for seamless motion. The V6820i can operate at a noise level of 19dBA (silent mode) so even the quietest whispers can be heard, says the company.

Stand: 15-C220