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Videotree mirror glass avoids compromise

Illusion XT Glass from Videotape is making its ISE debut. Illusion XT is developed in-house by Videotree, which claims it provides ‘unparalleled reflection levels and unhindered picture quality’. The mirror TV glass is designed to address the compromise the company believes is often made between mirror quality and image quality.

Illusion XT is a low-iron glass. This, the company says, removes the greenish-blue tint that can often be seen on glass, meaning that the mirror is completely clear and entirely silver.

The industrial quality display is bonded directly to the glass for optimum viewing ability. Viewtree claims that competing products use only a single layer of dielectric coating, while Illusion XT uses eight fine layers for maximum reflectiveness.

The bezel-less screen behind the glass is a full HD LED display with a TV tuner, a wide range of inputs, and optional IPTV connectivity. This makes it suitable for applications in marine, hospitality, digital signage and health and leisure resorts among others.

Videotree mirror televisions measure as little as 41mm in depth. They are available in a wide range of finishes and bespoke framing and speaker options.

Stand: 5-V100