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Versatile mixer for audio control

A new digital mixer for installation audio, the DAM514, is being unveiled by manufacturer Ecler.

Aimed at corporate, retail and education AV applications, as well as conferencing, PA, BGM and paging solutions, the DAM514 features five audio inputs, four audio outputs, DSP processing, RS-232 connectivity and four remote control ports.

The four balanced audio outputs use Euroblock terminals and can work in single mode (mono zone) or be linked with another output to become a stereo zone. The first three inputs are stereo line inputs, while the fourth and fifth are mic/line ready, with it also being possible to use them independently in mono mode, or as a fourth stereo input couple.

The DAM514 offers 24-bit 48kHz DSP processing. There is an independent level control for each input and output, as well as independent mixer inputs for each output zone and three-band tone control for each input.

Crossover filters and an independent 10-band graphic EQ are available for each output. Furthermore each mic/line input features an independent noise gate function and feedback suppressor function and an independent and adjustable high-pass filter.