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Unveiling new Ultra HD LED displays

A new Ultra HD LED display series from Yes Tech, a specialist in full-colour LED products, is making its worldwide debut and includes models P1.6, P1.9, P2.0 and P2.5. Product features include advanced silicone encapsulation technology, which prevents discoloration and deformation while providing strong resistance against ageing.

The series is ultra-slim, with a thickness of 65mm, which helps users save space during installation. It delivers automatically adjustable high brightness up to 1,200 nit, high contrast reaching 4000:1 and high 16-bit greyscale for great performance in low brightness.

Users can also benefit from a high refresh rate which prevents ripple for a natural, real-life display effect, as well as a wide viewing angle of 160º.

The series offers a double backup of the power supply and control card, as well as loop backup of the signal to ensure redundancy. A failure feedback function also helps ensure prompt maintenance. It’s compatible with different control systems.