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Ultra sharp focus on B2B

“We are becoming a true B2B company, and integrating hospitality and signage into one team, because technologies are merging and customers are becoming one,” said Chris Sluys, general manager, Philips Hospitality TV and Signage Solutions.

This synergy is most noticeable in areas like healthcare, where Philips offers everything from clinical monitors, to interactive location displays, to patient TVs. The new U-line of Ultra HD displays includes Philips’ largest ever signage display, in 84in and 98in models. It can be used in portrait format to show people life-size.

“We see the market for these really growing, particularly in the Middle East said Sluys. The 24/7 500-candela IPS screens can also be used as “a quad full HD display, with four independent inputs,” added Harold Niericker, technical product manager EMEA, Philips Signage Solutions.

“If you have a failure, 98% of the time it’s the source. This has FailOver, so the display will never go black. It will always show content.” Philips is also offering UHD in its 55in videowall displays, which just need a single connecting cable.