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UHD long-distance transmission

To overcome distances between sources and output devices in conference rooms, business lounges or digital signage set-ups, Aten offers a range of UHD extenders, splitters and matrix switches.

To guarantee a high bandwidth and avoid network issues, regardless of which software or operating system is used, Aten uses a single Cat cable to transmit uncompressed UHD content up to 70m. Using the HDBaseT protocol, the sharing of files and sending control signals can be carried out simultaneously.

As Cat cable are commonly used in new and existing installations, the use of Aten HDBaseT products is described as cost- as well as labour-efficient. Moreover, because HDBaseT is a global connectivity standard used in audiovisual, automotive, industrial computing and residential applications, HDBaseT-certified products from multiple manufacturers can communicate directly with each other.

Aten also develops HDBaseT Lite models, which transmit UHD to HDBaseT receivers or output devices up to 40m. Aten recently installed an HDBaseT Lite matrix switch in the conference room of a German research centre. Since this room often hosts visiting presenters, it requires a flexible and easy-to-use presentation system.

Laptops, tablets and smartphones are used to show content on a large display wall.

Aten’s VM3909H HDBaseT Lite matrix switch allows input from any HDMI device. All HDMI screens can receive content, up to 40m for UHD and up to 70m for full HD, using Aten HDBaseT receivers. Aten matrix switches come with a webGUI that can be used to schedule content and set up media connection profiles.

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