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Ubuntu-based AvediaServer offers secure IPTV gateway

The latest AvediaServer update has been moved to Ubuntu. Version 7.0 enables system admins to monitor activity across a network and control activities, user access and system performance from a single
user interface.

AvediaServer includes an array of hardware and software options, making it suitable for IPTV installations, from broadcasters and operators to large corporate environments,

Artio Multiview, which is included as part of AvediaServer, facilitates the creation and management of customised TV, VoD, radio and interactive pages and provides a consistent user interface across multiple end points. It also provides a customisable on-screen mosaic to watch multiple streams on a single screen.

Exterity’s full suite of next generation g44xx series TVgateways can ingest broadcast streams from eight multiplexers via eight tuners in one blade from cable, terrestrial and satellite, saving rack space in server rooms and reducing power consumption.

Exterity claims to be the only vendor offering fully HDCPv2- compliant video over IP.