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Turkey takes on China

Armed with delicious Turkish Delights, Taglig has come to Amsterdam to challenge the dominance of Chinese manufacturers over the LED market by presenting itself as an attractive alternative for European clients for shipping and after sales.

“Our raw materials are Chinese, but our production is based in Turkey,” said a spokesman for the company. “The advantage of our company is location, we are closer to Europe than China. We are here to give our brand more exposure, expand our visibility and perhaps secure distributorships as a good alternative to the Chinese market.”

The company produces a range of SMD LED screens starting at 1.2mm, with a 3.9mm pixel pitch version showing on the stand at 4K resolution. Also showing on the stand are the 2.5mm and 2.9mm options. Screens can be custom-made to customer requests and are aimed at the digital signage and advertising market.

Taglig, which has been operating for the last two years as a manufacturer, has already provided screens to support Turkish entertainment TV shows as well as to the 80,000-seat Atatürk Olympic Stadium
in Istanbul.

Stand: 8-K340