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Turbo charged surveillance from Hikvision

The Turbo HD Passive Infrared (PIR) Camera range is being showcased by Hikvision. These 2MP and 5MP imagers uses advanced video surveillance technologies to improve alarm accuracy and prevent intrusions. The most striking features of the product are the rapid response rate and alarm accuracy when people cross established perimeters. That’s because the camera has a built-in PIR detector that captures infrared light given off by human bodies and distinguishes it from other visual ‘noise.’


It can be equipped with motion detection from Hikvision’s Turbo HD K series DVR to filter false alarms caused by moving targets without human body IR emission. This way, filtering false alarms reduces storage space and costs, and it also means more efficient post-event footage search.

In addition, the camera features a strong deterrent by producing a flashing white strobe light that serves as a warning signal to stop intruders.

Stand: 8-P280