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ekinex: Touch&See living space control

New ISE exhibitor ekinex is showcasing its Touch&See device during the show, which gives control over the living space.

Through its 3.5in colour touchscreen and an easy user interface consisting of a sequence of graphical pages, this KNX control and visualisation unit puts modern building functions under the user’s control.

The unit is designed for use with KNX installations for home and building automation. It can be mounted on a round or square wall box and offers connections to bus and auxiliary 30V DC power supply.

Touch&See offers chrono-thermostat functionality for four independent zones, the on/off switching of single loads or groups of loads, the dimming of lighting devices and the control of motor drives such as roller shutters, blinds or curtains.

It can display the status of signal contacts from safety devices, for example, and can display date and time from the internal clock or a KNX timer as well as values from a KNX weather station such as outdoor temperature, wind speed, rain presence or brightness and alarm messages.

It enables the recall and storage of scenarios and can send values such as temperature or brightness on the bus, as well as function blocking with password and a temporary locking function for screen cleaning.