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Touch sensors to suit sleek screens

New ZyBrid touch sensor technology has been developed for multi-screen interactive videowalls and tables. The glass sensors feature an ultra-narrow border (anywhere from 3mm to zero) to utilise the maximum display area. The sensors can be linked when used with the new ZyBrid Edge controller to enable seamless touch transition between screens, with potentially no gap whatsoever between adjacent active areas.

Each narrow-border ZyBrid Edge sensor is supported by a dedicated ZYX500-based multitouch controller linked via a set of RJ45 data cables. The controllers are fitted with a manual toggle switch that changes the onboard firmware settings, allowing AV installers to quickly choose whether to make it an associate or a primary controller.

Proprietary new firmware for the ZYX500 allows the data from individual associate controllers to be ‘stitched’ together by the primary controller, which then presents a single set of x-y coordinates to the host computer as a USB HID ‘plug and play’ touchscreen device.

As with all Zytronic touch sensors, the sizes and designs can be completely customised. The touch sensors can be made from 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thermally tempered glass, with either a plain or anti-glare finish.