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Three faces, one back box for Waterfall Audio in-wall speaker

An architectural in-wall speaker based on Waterfall’s Atohm drivers and technologies with three different design looks is being introduced at ISE, Waterfall’s In wall speaker is housed in a specially-designed filleted back box made from high density ABS material, which the company claims offers fire resistance, as well as a combination of ‘strength, rigidity, resistance and toughness’.

The speaker front panel, made of die cast aluminium, is nested within the inner part of the back box, which features two layers of damping and insulating material – asphalt and felt- to handle back wave and vibrations.

The first design option offered is a classic sealed enclosure, in-wall look. This is supplied with a magnetic perforated steel grille, which sits flush to the wall and is easily paintable, says the company. The second ‘look’ is the classic sealed enclosure, as before, but now featuring a white glass adapter and regular hurricane white grille.

An alternative option features a black glass adapter and regular hurricane black grille.

The sealed enclosure of the speaker brings more control over the sound and prevents audio loss and sound leaking into other rooms, says Waterfall. It has a depth of 73mm with its back box, with an ‘easy lock’ system to aid installation.

The In wall speaker features an Atohm silk dome tweeter equipped with a neodymium magnet. The front part of the tweeter is made of die cast aluminium to limit vibrations. It uses anamorphic dispersion patterns (ADP) technology, which guarantees a better dispersion out of axis and limits unwanted reflections in very high frequencies.

The Atohm driver, made of special alloy, is connected to a rubber surround with low diffraction surrounding (LDS) technology. This provides ‘a natural flow of sound waves without interference diffraction’, say Waterfall.

The neodymium magnet system incorporates a copper ring to cancel the eddy current on the pole and to provide a more stable magnetic field with reduced distortion. It also features force without inductance (FWI) technology, to enable maximum magnetic flow. When listening, this translates into an absence of projection and a very soft and precise mid range, say the company.

Stand: 5-S100