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Though the lens of change

During 2014, there was a great deal of discussion throughout the AV industry about how vendors and partners can cater to the changing ways of working with more informed endm users. System integrators and customers are constantly seeking higher resolution, improved brightness and image quality, as well as ease of use and simple installation. More so than ever, we’ve seen an influx of innovation in the past 12 months in every area of the AV industry as equipment manufacturers strive to meet these needs.

It’s certainly a time of change in the projector market. In the past, conversations have tended to centre on increased resolution, higher contrast ratios and higher brightness, particularly with regard to light sources and panel technologies. However, without suitable lens quality it is impossible to take full advantage of such advancements. Unless you have the right lens, you’re not going to see the best possible image quality.

While image processing and lens design are both crucial when it comes to image quality, lens technology is the more significant of the two. Canon’s heritage as a lens manufacturer means that we know the true value of fantastic optics, so we’re really excited about the direction the market is moving in.

We’re also seeing a fresh focus on power efficiency and durability which is putting increased pressure on the industry to evolve, and ultimately pulling the sector in several directions at once. Lens design will be one of the key enablers in this evolution – brighter lenses project more vivid images while using less power.

There is currently a great opportunity looming for system integrators and partners, and now is the time for partners to establish themselves in a consultancy role, to help advise customers on how to achieve incredible installations in the future. The margins making it possible for partners and installers to provide consultancy and expertise will be considerable – 2015 looks set to be an exciting year for those that can get ahead of the curve ready to capitalise on these innovations.