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This is rocket science

You couldn’t fail to spot the industrial design and solid build of this LED display vendor. It brought several kinds of LED screen to the show including the Titan RT Series – for outdoor rental led display, Reaper RE, an all-functional LED display; and the Novid LT Series – an exhibit frame LED display with a new stacking system.

New to European visitors is the BLOX Series of exhibition frames for rental use, which formed the main part of Rocketsign’s ISE presence in Hall 8. The HDBLOX, for example, are 62mm/55mm deep frames in 496x496mm dimensions. Rocketsign itself is a Darklight brand, described as a middle-sized LED display manufacturing company in China which owns and manages all manufacturing. This includes rigorous attention to quality control from soldering and temperature checks to testing the beam width, colour and brightness for each LED.

“The calibration process is extremely important for balancing the display,” Rocketsign said.

Stand: 8.P270