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Things are at a tipping point

Delegates attending a CEDIA training session yesterday got a chance to hear about new technologies that will impact on our lives and bring new business opportunities. “We are living in a time of technological revolution,” said Dave Pedigo, senior director of learning and emerging technologies at CEDIA, in a session entitled ‘New Technologies Update’.

One technology that delegates need to be familiar with is the Internet of Things (IOT), said Pedigo: “That reached its tipping point last year – it’s growing fast.” The IOT connects billions of devices to the internet – such as fridges, televisions, cars and wearables – which communicate with each other. Related to this is home automation, such as smart heating, lighting and home entertainment systems.

But this market is fragmented, noted Pedigo, with competing platforms, standards and systems. And many mass-market home automation products deliver a disappointing performance. “I think there’s a huge opportunity for CEDIA members, because home automation is not plug-and-play or DIY. Consumers will need our expertise in this market, probably for the next 10 years.”

TV pictures have already evolved from high-definition to ultra high-definition or 4K, but Pedigo believes that 8K displays, offering even sharper pictures, are on the way. And following on are 16K systems. “I think 2017 will be the year of virtual reality,”
said Pedigo.

With so much change, it’s tempting to hold back for the next big thing. But that would be a mistake, said Pedigo: “There’s no end in sight for new technologies. Waiting for the next technology would mean no sale or project.”