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Team collaboration made easier with Google Cloud

Communication and connection are key to employees working together effectively, whether they are in the same room, on different floors or, as is increasingly the case, in different buildings or even continents. With this in mind, Google Cloud has been creating a new toolset of what is needed to engage, collaborate, create, present, make decisions and innovate in real-time across different workspaces.

Simple access, smart collaboration and scalable administration are the underlying values of new devices for conference and huddle rooms.

The good old-fashioned video meeting is brought to another level by Hangouts Meet hardware, which scales to any size conference room: it offers turnkey deployment, reliability and intelligent self-diagnostic tools that optimise for support costs. Affordability meets smarts with immersive sound, while seamless integration with G suite means joining a meeting is as easy as tapping a screen, so much so that Gartner named Google meetings solutions a Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for 2018.

Meet’s functionality can be dramatically enhanced in combination with Google’s digital whiteboard, Jamboard. Brainstorm, create, collaborate and bring your team’s ideas to life with this 55in 4k touchscreen. Using Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence, Jamboard or the Jamboard app on mobile, allows teams to unleash their creativity anytime, anywhere.

Stand: 15-U265