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Teaching gets the Creative Touch

Optoma’s latest education-focused interactive flat panel display (the Creative Touch 5-Series Gen II) has learned lessons from its users, to offer improved teacher-lead technology. Its software differentiates it from the many IFPs available.

The single app handles everything, allowing remote collaboration with the cloud, with integrated Google Classroom, so teachers can easily access their pre-prepared lessons. It also has Creative Cast for integration with any mobile device – up to four at a time.

“We wanted to make it as intuitive as possible, like a white board, so when you lift the quick launch pen it automatically goes into white board mode,” explained Simon Jonas, Optoma’s commercial category manager.

Also new is the FHDQ130+ All-In-One Quad LED Display, which Jonas claims is “one of the easiest to build screens of all the LEDs out there. Two engineers can do this in two hours.” It is pre-calibrated, has a built-in scaler/switcher, and uses only one cable to power everything. It can stitch up to four screens together (for a 4K image), and offers 130º viewing angle whether in portrait or landscape.

Total cost of ownership is also low, as it uses Common Cathode technology for 30% lower power consumption.