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Tascam offers solid audio solutions

Despite all the noise being made about cloud and audio streaming, the demand for hardware-based audio systems is as high as ever, according to Tascam.

Dirk Born, Tascam technical marketing manager, told the ISE Daily: “Hardware systems offer reliability. The cloud is very nice if you have a fast internet connection, but recording on solid-state media is more secure.

If you’re streaming a call to your friend, it doesn’t matter if the connection drops, but if it’s a conference call with senior management or a one-off concert, you need a more reliable solution.”

Tascam is showing its current product range, which includes CD players, solid-state players and recorders, tape systems, as well as a new range of products. These include the CD-400UDAB, a combined CD player and DAB radio that can be remotely controlled via RS-232C.

The MZ-372 rackmount mixer offers seven inputs and two independent main outputs. ISE 2018 offers the chance to see Tascam’s new range of Dante products for networked audio.

The DA-6400 can play up to 64 audio channels over a Dante network, while the SS-CDR250N offers stereo recording and playback with CDs, SD cards and USB flash media, and has an optional Dante interface.