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Talking about the future

The future of the meeting room is being discussed at the Ashton Bentley auditorium every day on the company’s stand.

In one presentation, Roger Vinton, partner at Ashton Bentley, said that it is time for change in the meeting room technology marketplace. “The AV market services its clients by providing a variety of different boxes that are combined and integrated by AV contractors. This model has proven to be unscalable and does not meet the requirements of today’s global corporations.

Meeting rooms of the future must be packages that are scalable and replicable, and that can be both managed and monitored in the same way that other network devices are controlled.”

He continued: “The majority of people want to walk into a meeting and share and present. Yet there are probably hundreds of different meeting rooms out there that are all put together differently, just to do these two things.”

The future is set to look very different, Vinton added: “Meeting rooms as they stand at the moment are based around presentation devices and hardware-based codecs for communication. We believe that moving forward, the hardware codec will become redundant and meeting rooms will become flexible platforms for software applications, allowing people to communicate using a variety of different applications.”

Vinton went on to talk about Ashton Bentley’s approach to this new wave: “We’ve taken that step and integrated our new platform, Wave OS, into our hardware products, which allows users to use both hardware codecs and software communications apps, and they can switch between the hardware codec and software app in real time to allow complete flexibility in the meeting room.”

‘Meeting Room of the Future’ is being presented on the Ashton Bentley stand every day at 12:00-13:00, as well as multiple other topics throughout the show including ‘Transforming Videoconferencing into Telepresence’, and ‘Digital Signage Solutions’.

Stand: 14–M200