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Taking whiteboards to the cloud

Imagine making a presentation on a whiteboard and being able to share it with anyone who has access to a web browser – and all in real-time. Kaptivo does this and more. Kaptivo is an eponymously-named solution that bridges the digital world with the conventional dry whiteboard, and is aimed at corporate and education markets.

Adrian Cable, president, CTO and co-founder of Kaptivo, told the ISE Daily why the solution was developed: “We wanted users to be able to share what they write on a standard whiteboard with others, quickly and easily.

In order to achieve this, we set ourselves some tough conditions: users wouldn’t need software, apps, electronic pens or a special whiteboard to use Kaptivo. We wanted the process to be as frictionless as possible.” The aim was also to make Kaptivo affordable; prices start from less than €400.

The only equipment required is a WiFi-enabled digital camera, which fits onto any whiteboard. The camera contains image processing and computer vision algorithms that constantly analyse the images on the board and only extract written ink information – the shadows and reflections caused by someone standing in front of the board are ignored.

The data is streamed to a cloud server and authorised users equipped with a web browser can instantly access the presentation. Kaptivo also automatically captures everything written on the whiteboard and organises it into a series of slides, which can be converted to a PDF file and emailed to all the participants.

“The automatic note-taking facility means people don’t have to take photos of the presentation,” said Cable.

Kaptivo has generated a lot of interest at ISE 2018. Cable said: “We’ve had phenomenal interest from VARs and distributors, and from end users in a variety of vertical markets. Companies where information security is important are very interested.

At present, people are taking photos of whiteboards and leaving the office with confidential information stored on unsecure personal devices. With Kaptivo, an organisation can keep that information within its entire IT infrastructure.”