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Taking advertising to new places

Getting your message in the right location at the right time isn’t always easy if you’re a brand or advertiser. RGG LED is showcasing two innovative products that can take adverts and marketing campaigns to new places.

The LED Trailer can support an LED display up to 24sqm in size, which can be rotated 360º. RGG LED sales manager Laurynas Mituzas explained to the ISE Daily, the aim of the product, “It is about bringing the image to where it is needed. It is an ideal mobile solution for events and offers both audio and video.

For some locations, like a parking lot, it can be difficult to get permission for permanent advertising, so a trailer can be used to fill that gap and give an advert, event or campaign greater visibility.”

RGG LED is also demonstrating an outdoor aluminium fixed module, which can be used to convert spaces that normally display static advertising into dynamic digital displays. “The module is slim and simple to install,” said Mituzas, “Brands, for example, could use it on a wall and bring their logos to life.”