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Taking 3D holograms to the highest level

Holo-Gauze 3D display solution for large hologram effects from Holotronica is being demonstrated here at ISE by managing director and developer of the gauze and 3D system, Stuart Warren-Hill.

The company has had a phenomenal year, doubling its turnover for the third year in a row. This is in part thanks to working with the likes of Realtime Environmental Systems (RES) and creative director Liam Tomaszewski to realise DJ Eric Prydz’s holographically enhanced performance for his EPIC 5.0 show, debuting at London’s Victoria Park in May, plus Beyoncé for her performance during last year’s GRAMMY Awards, and the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden.

Warren-Hill said: “I’m here at ISE to see Gerriets, our distributor, and to find hire partners. This year is looking good so far; in just the last week I’ve had four amazing enquiries.”