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Table encourages collaboration

Exhibiting for the fourth successive year, during which time the company says the Quarta brand name has become increasingly well know, AVEX is once more showing its meeting table which is designed to offer fully integrated audiovisual facilities, maximum comfort and optimum ease of use.

At the heart of the table are flat screens, recessed under clear-vision toughened glass to make sharing presentations and documents easy. The table also allows meeting participants to maintain eye contact with each other because they no longer have to turn to face a central screen on a wall. This, AVEX notes, increases interaction and collaboration, improves meeting dynamics, saves time and enhances efficiency.

The comfortable sitting posture and ideal viewing distance are, according to the company, important ergonomic aspects, while ease of operation is said to be optimal: the screens, sound level, lighting, climate and other functions are operated from an intuitive touch panel.

Quarta comes as standard with recessed screens, an audio system and sockets for laptop connections. It can be equipped with videoconferencing, including high-definition cameras, as well as other options for optimum interaction.

The Quarta range provides different versions in terms of size, finish and audiovisual components and allows the user to choose the Quarta table which best suits the operational requirement.
Stand: 1-E56