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Switch gets first preview

In addition to its existing product range, Adder is previewing for the first time the new Adder CCS-PRO8 command and control switch.

The Adder CCS-PRO8 allows operators to control up to eight machines across eight displays using just one mouse and keyboard. It is said to be ideal for improving ergonomics in a control setting where space is at a premium or management of multiple computers from one station is required.

Featuring FreeFlow technology, the Adder CCS-PRO8 enables users to move from one display to the next simply by moving the mouse across screen borders. The switch was developed as a result of user feedback.

The AdderLink XDIP IP-based AV extender with USB is also featured on the stand. The device enables remote access to critical computing and flexibly extends the desktop experience, and forms part of Adder Technology’s AdderLink KVM and AV extension portfolio.

Both the Adder CCS-PRO8 and AdderLink XDIP will be available later this year.

Stand: 10-P122