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Surface Hub steps out in public

ISE 2015 visitors are flocking to experience the first worldwide public showing of Microsoft’s brand new Surface Hub digital team collaboration device, with its 84in 4K, or 55in 1080, display.

“Surface Hub combines Microsoft hardware, Microsoft 10 OS and custom versions of Microsoft productivity services like One Note in an integrated package,” commented Andrew Stillman, director of product marketing for Microsoft Surface Hub.

“At ISE, we want people to experience the product in its natural environment. Visitors can experience a creative collaborative space, a reimagined conference room, a workshop space for hands-on data visualisation and an executive office, to give people a sense of how it might be used for collaboration.

Attendees can get a hands-on demo of some of the key experiences that make Surface Hub different to anything else out there.”

The Surface Hub, which is designed for cross-platform connectivity with mobile devices through either wired or wireless connection depending on the features of the device in question, and is touch and ink bi-directional.

It can be used informally as a digital whiteboard, which supports smooth digital ink content that can then be saved to One Note and shared.

It can also work as a more complex remote collaboration surface where digital content sources, including whiteboard and various apps such as PowerPoint and Skype for Business, can be viewed on-screen side by side, annotated, saved and shared.

“Surface Hub is not publicly available until later this year, but people are excited to find out when they can buy it as it provides a beautiful and intuitive experience,” concluded Stillman.