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Supporting Fidelity’s global AV deployment strategy

Ashton Bentley and Fidelity International have both experienced their largest international deployments to date

Working with Fidelity International for a number of years, Ashton Bentley and its partner have experienced the busiest period during the last two years, with both companies’ largest international deployment to date.

Fidelity International provides world-class investment solutions all over the globe, and the company therefore needed to ensure quick and easy communication both internally and externally. The most efficient way of doing this was to ensure its internal AV systems could support this.

The first mass overseas deployment took place in India in 2018. After the successful project, AB locked ties with Fidelity by assisting with a number of European roll-outs of Ashton Bentley products and support services.

To solve the issues of complex AV systems across the company, Fidelity decided to deploy Ashton Bentley products across its estate to ensure replicated user experience. Fidelity is now in the process of standardising its meeting room technology across the world.

The installation of Ashton Bentley products made the meeting spaces intuitive and simple to use, meaning that individuals could operate the technology themselves, without assistance. The new technology is supported remotely – an issue that Fidelity had previously due to the mix of technology from various vendors, deployed by different systems integrators.

2020 looks set to continue the successful and productive partnership, with Ashton Bentley continuing to support Fidelity with its deployment strategy.