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Submersible show laser lights

The HB-Laser LC-851 Series of show laser lights, for fixed or mobile use, is on show at the HB-Laserkomponenten stand. These devices are waterproof to IP68 standard, meaning they can be used during all-weather outdoor applications. The complete show laser light system can also be submerged for use in water fountains, water gardens or in combination with other effects for multimedia shows.

These RGB white light projectors are solely equipped with diodes, even for the production of green. An Apollo ScannerMax scanning system allows a scan angle of up to 60°and a scan speed of 45kpps at 8° ILDA.

The LC-851 series is available at two power ranges. The HB-Laser LC-851 RGB 3 has a guaranteed full colour output power of 2600mW and a typical power of 3200mW, while the HB-Laser LC-851 RGB 5.5 offers a guaranteed output power of 5000mW and a typical output power of even 5900mW. Both have beam specifications of 4mm at 0.8mrad.

Also on show at the stand is the newly released ultra compact Pure Micro PM-8200RGB show laser system by manufacturer SwissLas. Known for its compact high-performance laser systems, SwissLas recently released the PM-8200RGB, a full colour white light laser system with diode-only technology and up to 8.2W RGB.

The PM-8200RGB comes with the durable standard Pure Micro housing, which is built with Sealed Housing Technology and is described as compact enough to fit in one hand. The beam specifications of 4mm/1.0mrad (average) make the PM-8200RGB a good fit for high power beam shows and long-distance projections. The Pangolin ScannerMax 506 scanning system runs at 35kpps at 8°, gaining a maximum scan angle of 60°.