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Structured Cable Products introduces UltraViolet HDMI cables

Structured Cable Products (SCP) is introducing its newest series of Premium Certified HDMI cables at ISE 2017. Called UltraViolet, the range features SCP’s Snug-Tite Grip for secure connections, and cables that are triple shielded for maximum EMI protection.

SCP’s UltraViolet Premium Certified Cable series (990UHDV) is designed for professional home theatre system integration, and complies with the new HDMI cable standard Premium Certified HDMI Cable with Ethernet. These cables support high dynamic range (HDR) video, BT.2020 wider colour gamut and performance standards of 4K@60 4:4:4 2160p 18Gbps, and are ATC tested, as well as featuring HDMI’s Premium Certified Anti-Counterfeiting Label with QR code. Available lengths at this time are up to 4.5m.

Being introduced for Spring 2017 by SCP is what the company claims is the industry’s first true 4K UltraHD ACTIVE cables that are 4K@50/60 4:4:4 18Gbps 2160p-compliant. These active cables are said to provide 4X the resolution of previous 1080p cables and are part of SCP’s 944E custom Installation cable series. The new cables will also feature the company’s Snug-Tite Grip for secure connections.

SCP notes that active HDMI cables have a chipset in the display side connector that allows for longer distance distribution of the uncompressed 4K UltraHD signal. This chipset boosts and extends the cable’s signal prior to delivering the signal to the display. The cables are unidirectional, meaning they must be installed in one direction from source to display.

Stand: 1-N110