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Speakers for homes, gardens

The company’s RotaSat in-ceiling speaker, which features a 180° rotating angled baffle, as well as a laser light-guided independently aimable tweeter, is one of a number of products being featured by Triad Speakers at ISE 2017.

Also being premiered are Triad’s new indoor architectural and outdoor designs that utilise Ultra-Broad Hemispherical Dispersion (UBHD) driver technology to deliver what the company claims is outstanding off-axis sound while minimising hot-spotting.

The new indoor in-ceiling DesignerSeries DS4/9FR full-range speaker system (9in depth) utilises a 3in UBHD broadband driver that works in concert with its two integrated 3in x 6in woofers, all from within a sealed enclosure.

The UBHD drivers are housed in a twist-on moulded pendant that Triad says can easily be taken out for servicing, without requiring the enclosure to be removed from the ceiling.

The full-range DS4/9FR can be complemented by the optional DS4/9 Sub, a traditional passive subwoofer that employs three 3in x 6in woofers, also from within a sealed enclosure.

Triad’s outdoor Garden Array Series also employs UBHD technology. The GA4 satellite can be used as a 6-ohm or 70/100V system and can be staked in the ground, hidden in vegetation, or mounted on trees, walls or ceilings. The GA10 Subwoofer can sit above ground or be partially buried, with only its mushroom-like top protruding.

Stand: 1-N122