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Speakercraft speakers feature Dolby Atmos technology

Unveiled at CEDIA last year, ISE sees the first major public showing of Speakercraft’s line of architectural in-wall speakers featuring Dolby Atmos technology.

“Dolby Atmos takes home theatre sound to the next level,” said Bill Hensley, director of marketing at Core Brands, Speakercraft’s parent company. “It goes well beyond simple surround sound to a completely immersive audio experience.”

“Our new AIM Series 2 is more revolutionary than evolutionary,” Hensley continued. “It is designed to support the most sophisticated installations, demanding sonic performance, and advanced object-based surround audio platforms such as Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X. The re-crafting effort addresses every aspect of the speaker, from front to back, resulting in a sound solution you’ll have to hear to believe.”

According to Hensley, AIM Series 2 adapts technology that was once only utilised in large sound reinforcement experiences, and introduces the adjustable pivoting ARC Tweeter Array that he claims is nothing short of ground-breaking.

By incorporating multiple tweeters in a line array, Hensley notes that AIM Series 2 delivers focused high frequencies further into the listening area than standard tweeter configurations. The ARC Tweeter Array is said to lower the crossover point to increase the sound pressure level at the critical mid-range frequencies so that, acoustically, listeners enjoy a much larger sweet spot.

Stand: 1-N53