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Sound as the director intended from PMC

Sharing the Stewart Filmscreen stand at ISE is PMC, where the company is demonstrating its wafer2 series home theatre speakers from behind Stewart’s new acoustically transparent borderless screen. PMC is also showcasing the BB6 and QB1 from its large scale active speaker ranges.

These large-scale speakers, with active DSP control, are said to be used by many of the major Hollywood movie studios and film score composers during the creation of blockbuster films. For home theatre installations, PMC says they provide the opportunity to experience the movie sounding exactly how the director intended it to sound, giving installers a competitive edge for their customers who require a no-compromise system.

Miles Roberts, export sales director at PMC, said: “With ISE’s status as the place to showcase premium quality products for the custom installation market, there’s no better place for PMC to engage with the high-end home theatre installation sector. We’re delighted to be teaming up with the leading manufacturer of acoustically transparent screens, which will enable us to demonstrate the stunning sound quality of our wafer2 series speakers, when used behind a screen. We look forward to sharing the incredible experience with the many show visitors.”

Stand: 1-F50